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Solutions by Hamiltons Works Hard on Your Behalf

You have the ultimate stake in your success when it comes to finding your next job. You know that if you don’t find employment soon, your bills are going to keep piling up, as will your debt. And if you don’t find the right job, you’ll be back in the unemployment line. But you’re not the only one with a stake in your success when you use a temporary staffing agency. The agency is paid by employers to find great temps. So your representatives will be working hard to find you opportunities that match your interests, qualifications, and experience, because the better fit you are at a job, the better the agency looks.

Gain Skills and Experience

While you’re searching for your dream job, it will be beneficial to gain some new skills and experience while paying your bills. You’ll have the opportunity to build your resume and advance your career as you wait. Solutions by Hamiltons don’t just place you in low-level jobs. There are many niche agencies that specialize in placing candidates in a wide variety of different positions and industries, so the work experience you get will be relevant to the career you’re looking to get into.

Get a Foot in the Door and Build Connections

When you try to find your next job on your own it can be difficult to even get someone to call you back. When you don’t have the right connections, you’re going to face a lot of closed doors. But with Solutions by Hamiltons on your side, those doors suddenly open—it’s the connection you need to get into your field. With every assignment you get, you’ll meet new colleagues, higher management officials, and other professionals. You can nurture these relationships so you can expand your network in the industry you hope to work in permanently.

Not so Temporary

Many of our temporary positions are available to move into permanent jobs for the right employees. In fact, many companies use temp workers as a way to test them out before offering them full-time positions. Though some people prefer to work temp jobs for the flexibility or for myriad other reasons, those looking for permanent jobs shouldn’t discount temp work. If you prove yourself as a temp, you may just get an offer for a full-time, permanent position.

We Work for You 

We work hard to serve Dubois, Perry, Spencer and surrounding counties to pair quality talent with available positions. We want to help you find your next paycheck and get you in a job you’ll love!

Contact us today to see how we are the right SOLUTION for you!

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