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Solutions by Hamiltons gives companies the opportunity to evaluate an employee’s performance before hiring – SAVING MONEY!

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Benefits for Businesses

  •  Delay health insurance coverage*
  •  Delay retirement plan enrollment
  •  Delay workers compensation insurance responsibility
  •  Delay qualifications for paid time off / vacation
  •  Save time for Payroll & HR Department
  •  Adjust your workforce quickly & easily
  •  Access larger employee pool
*If the company has 50 or more full-time equivalent employees for the year, they are required to cover employee with health insurance on the 1st of the month following the 60th day of employment – Average yearly cost of insurance for a single person is $7,000 and family is $20,000

Choose Solutions by Hamiltons

  •  In-House payroll processing & customer invoicing
  •  37 years of accounting, payroll & tax experience
  •  Strategic & convenient location in Ferdinand, Indiana
  •  Professional office presence
  •  Reputation for outstanding customer service
  •  Staffing Manager has over 20 years experience
  •  Staffing Operations Director has 15 years experience
  •  Lead Accountant has 25 years experience
  •  Exceptional online presence

See how your company can save money with Solutions by Hamiltons!

View our example below of an employee making $12.00 per hour with a 35% mark-up over pay rate.

Direct Costs Per Hour You Employ We Employ
Employee Salary $12.00 $12.00
Payroll Taxes $1.05 included
Screenings $0.10 included
Worker’s Comp 1 $0.20 included
Health Insurance 2 $3.37 included
401(k) Match 3 $0.36 included
Administrative Time 4 $2.50 included
35% Markup   – $4.20
Total Cost PER HOUR to your company $19.38 $16.20
Saved per Hour $3.38
1 week of savings for 1 employee $135.20
1 month of savings for 1 employee $585.87
Based on average worker’s comp insurance for production positions
2 Based on US Average, annual single person premium is $7,000 (company’s out-of-pocket portion)
3 Based on 3% employer contribution
4 Based on the average administrative costs for each employee (not including costs for recruitment or training)

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