Branch Manager

Branch Manager

Date Posted: May 13, 2021

Industry: Office/Administration

County: Spencer

Job Type: Temp to Perm

Work Hours: 1st shift – day

Pay Rate: Based on experience

Perks: Starts Immediately

Daily and As Needed:

• Open Branch: Check building, set all-clear signals, open vault, assist with set-up of teller drawers if needed and setting up teller line supplies.
• Back up Tellers if needed: cash checks, take deposits, enter proof, and enter POD.
• Back up Teller Supervisor if needed: Help balance branch, order money, ATM balancing, supply ordering, collecting cash items, etc.
• Back up New Accounts if needed – open all types of accounts.
• Open IRA accounts and consult with IRA customers on all IRA issues.
• Manage Tellers and Teller Supervisor – Make sure customers are being served.
• Obtain and scan CIPs, Beneficial Ownership, and ID documents for loans and new accounts, when applicable.
• Taking applications for Loans – all types: Consumer, Commercial, Mortgage. Including: interviewing and making sure all documentation done on loan application including proper disclosures. Locking in interest rates for Freddie Mac loans. Also sending loan applications through Loan Product Advisor for Freddie Mac loans.
• Closing Loans – all types. Typing paperwork for all Installment and Commercial type loans. Enter loan on Precision. Make sure all loans closed at the Branch adhere to the Loan Policy. • Run all Loan Denials by Steve prior to denial.
• Forward copies of Adjustable Rate Mortgages to the Compliance department.
• Follow up on Pending Applications – i.e. making sure files are complete: Titles, insurance, all documentation in file complete including Finals. This also includes sending letters when items not received timely. Answering any loan audits and loan reviews in 30 days.
• Develop new customers.
• Follow up on processing loan applications: i.e. make sure appraisals all ordered, legal work ordered, flood determinations ordered.
• Maintain an Application Log of all processing loans.
• Quote payoffs on loans as needed.
• Assist with payments that need to be “hand keyed” including payoffs.
• Pick up supplies and vault cash from the main office.
• Answer telephone as needed.
• Selling repossessed vehicles if possible. Show repossessed homes if needed.
• Handle problems as they arise: such as approvals from tellers.
• Maintain file of all Bank Policies and make sure all employees at Branch follow rules and procedures.
• Responsible for maintenance of Branch and making sure any maintenance needed in Branch is taken care of.
• Close Branch, including checking the building, making sure all items secure in vault such as teller drawers, and anything that has customer name. Also, making sure all security lights are on, closing vault, and making sure doors all locked and blinds open for visibility of law enforcement.
• Assist with approvals for other loan officers and/or Officers’ Loan Committee.



• Collections: Sending letters through Precision Collection History – Richland Que, making calls, as needed for loans originated at Richland. Arranging repossessions with the help of the Collection Officer, corresponding with attorney for all types of loans including Installment, Commercial, Mortgage, Credit Cards, Ready Reserves, Overdrawn checking accounts. Also includes recording all delinquent activity in Precision Collection History.
• Attend to any repossessed vehicles in the care of the branch including: starting vehicles, putting gas in vehicles, helping get vehicles cleaned up.


• Inspect any Homes under Construction for which the Richland Branch is handling the construction loan and complete proper paperwork.
• Security reports due to Security Officer before board meeting. Includes: auditing drawers, security inspection/service/testing of Branch, bait money examination.
• Maintain and update tickler system for all Richland customers who are required to provide financial statements and tax returns.
• UCC’s – check UCC file and make sure no UCC’s are expiring on any loans at the Branch.
• Attend 2 loan committee meetings: 1st Loan committee: report on loans closed previous month and report on collection activity: 2nd: report on “in-progress” loans.
• Attend 1st Steering Committee meeting.
• Renew any Commercial Loans maturing. Check to see if renewal possible, request principal reduction if necessary, request any additional documentation if necessary, and prepare renewal documents and close with customer. Enter all transactions and renewals on Precision.
• Maintain HELOC Spreadsheet – New Money
• Put away Payoff Documents, get mortgages released, put away tickets, send original notes to customers/titles and put Paid Master away.
• Maintain Large Loan Checklist for loans over $250,000 originated by the Richland Branch. Obtain required financial statements, tax returns, inventory lists, equipment lists, accounts receivables, resolutions etc. from customers. As Possible: Keep up on new regulations and other current events in Banking.


Must have:

Banking experience, Pass drug screen


Please upload your CV in PDF format.